Exporting Egyptian Real Estate

The concept of exporting Egyptian Real Estate developments to foreign markets with the intent to target Egyptian expatriates as well as foreign investors has been in play for most of 2018, but will likely become a key sales and targeting strategy in 2019 and forwards. 

As of 2018, the Egyptian government has implemented facilitation measures in order to increase real estate exportation, which goes in line with the economic need to increase exports in order to balance the currency and trade deficiencies. On the other hand, developers have adopted the measures to increase their targeted markets, especially considering the affordability of Egyptian Real Estate developments after currency conversion and as an attractive investment opportunity with high appreciation rates. 

This strategy will also have two additional effects on the Egyptian Real Estate market; first it’ll force developers to raise development standards to meet requirements for foreign markets, which will effectively improve quality of developments, and second it’ll also increase market competitiveness as well as change the type of developments based on the larger international demand. 

For more details on exporting real estate, foreign investment, and international positioning consult our research and development consultants at B2B.

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