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The Real Estate Sector in Egypt during the last two years has experienced astounding growth, the government as well as developers have rushed to cater to a growing demand in both the residential and commercial sectors. This sector alone has contributed 15% to Egypt’s GDP in 2017 and 2018, it employs upwards of 7% of the population, and activates a further 90 industries in Egypt.

Despite fears and speculations of a real estate bubble and an eventual market crash, the sector has remained stable with minor slow-downs in light of demand adjusting to the diverse supply suddenly entering the market. Investors as well as end-users take their time to study, calculate, and watch the performance of certain projects and/or developers before settling on a final choice among a competitive diverse supply.

However, the market is nowhere near saturation. In fact, it still currently has supply gap that is only forecasted to increase due to the annual population increase and demand reflected by a 100 thousand marriages annually. Similarly, the commercial sector also remains undersupplied with essential standard thresholds for medical, retail, and office spaces not being reached.

This means that despite fears, the real estate market has been and will remain one of the fastest growing sectors in Egypt, and a refuge for investors looking for income producing properties as well as guaranteed appreciation rates.
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