Seeking professional consultancy and conducting market studies should always be the primary step before launching a project as a real estate developer or investor. Conducting thorough market research beforehand secures your investment as both a developer by ensuring your launched projects are appropriately demanded and targeting a supply gap, it also secures your assets as a real estate investor in-order to choose which projects, areas, and types to invest in.

Research and development should always be the first step, especially in Egypt’s current real estate market where competition is high, and supply is growing. It is critical for developers and investors alike to seek professional consultancy before making final decisions in order to guarantee their projects not only have an edge in an increasingly repetitive market, but also that their supply would have reliable targeted demand in ensure successful take-off and positioning.

Consult our research and development experts for more details on our full scope of services and how we can help you with your real estate decisions as a developer or investor.

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