Smart Sustainable Cities #2

What are Smart Sustainable Cities?

The idea behind smart sustainable cities is to utilize information and communication technologies -ICT systems- as well as other developmental means to improve the quality of life for city residents while increasing efficiency of city operations, services, and their competitiveness. In doing so also being considerate of the needs of present and future generations in terms of economic, social, and environmental concerns.

What this really means is that in order for a city to become smart and sustainable, it has to achieve various thresholds such as becoming resident friendly by incorporating as many infrastructural services such as real estate, mobility, education, healthcare, security, water and waste management, as well as energies and utilities through ICT systems to increase operational efficiency while decreasing its costs therefore becoming more sustainable through utilizing the smart application of operations.

Moreover, sustainable cities also aspire to become mobility efficient and pedestrian friendly. Utilizing space and energy efficiently while minimizing urbanization consequences on the environment in-order to guarantee environmental sustainability. This often means increasing urban density in-order to increase efficiency of all infrastructural operations by limiting the geographical spread, while also minimizing the environmental effects.

Tune in next week to read more on how this can change Egypt’s real estate and urban development sectors, how it can benefit us as city residents, service providers as well as real estate developers. 

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