Now that winter has settled in for the long haul and we’re all reminiscing about those oh so good summer months on the beach, it’s time to hatch escape plans for some quick breaks to the nearest coast. Whether you have a long weekend but don’t feel like a long drive or just need a break on the beach for a day, Sokhna is the perfect destination. Only 30-45 minutes away from Cairo, you could easily get yourself some much needed sea breeze and stress-reducing scenery for a day or even a couple of hours.

But with Ain El-Sokhna’s close proximity to Cairo and the new administrative capital, it could well be the next residential relocation destination. Ain El-Sokhna is becoming one of the thriving areas for residential real estate in Egypt, with more than $20B of approved investments for the next two years. The residential market currently offers a multitude of options for first and second homes, which is perfect whether you’re thinking of relocating, buying a second home for weekend getaways, or investing in a thriving market.

El-Sokhna’s close connection to Cairo and the new Administrative Capital as well as the newly developed and fully serviced high-ways highlights the government’s strategic focus on the Suez Canal economic zone for the future. This also indicates future price increases due to demand volatility and further developments such as commercial projects in the area.

This basically makes El-Sokhna the perfect destination to get the best of both worlds; own a residential unit overlooking the marvellous red-sea coast an hour or less outside of Cairo. But whether you are considering relocation or investing in a getaway home, consult our market experts. At B2B our teams will ensure you have the best choices the market offers and consult with you until you can find the perfect unit to suit your needs.

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