INMA Developments

INMA DEVELOPMENTS is one of the leading real estate development and management companies in Egypt, and among the pioneering founders of commercial development in the region. The company’s unique and exclusive real estate and touristic projects are all built in accordance with the most sophisticated international quality and design standards.

INMA DEVELOPMENTS has helped revolutionise the leisure and shopping habits of millions of people across Egypt. Since its inauguration, regional expansions are in-line with Inma Development’s ambitious growth strategy.

INMA DEVELOPMENTS is abreast with the increasing sophistication and complexity of the real estate market, which is in need of competent property owners, developers, investors and managers who can adapt to the highest standards of service, ensuring the quality and integrity of the properties and clientele are maintained.

INMA DEVELOPMENTS aims to offer end-users unique experiences within immaculate, multipurpose properties that provide accommodation, administrative, leisure, restaurants, shopping and entertainment facilities, all harmoniously merged into one single, fully integrated environment, providing its unique Integrated Modern Business Life concept.



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